February 2015 Favourites

Feb 15 FavsThe first two months of the year feel like they were here for five minutes.  I had lots of good intentions which included do more exercise and buy fewer makeup/beauty products.  Neither were that successful, however March is a new month with new goals!  I have so many favourites that I have been reaching for recently but I have narrowed it down to my top 7! So in no particular order, here goes…

1 – Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation:  I work in a hospital and finding a foundation that survives the temperature and pace of this is like how Indiana Jones must have felt in search of the holy grail; I believe it exists, there is anecdotal evidence it exists, I just need to continue my seemingly fruitless quest to locate it! Until then I am quite happy with this one. Double wear risks looking a bit cakey and thick when applied which is where the Beauty Blender comes in (see favourite 2 below). I use the shade 1N2 Ecru at £29.50 a bottle from the Feel Unique website as they often have offers and discounts available. With 30+ shades to choose from covering the warm, cool and neutral spectrums and an SPF of 10 there is something for everyone. Disappointingly the bottle does not come with a pump but MAC sell a pump that fits the bottle nicely for about £4.

2 – The Beauty Blender: Having dismissed this little pink sponge in the past as a ‘fad’ and a ‘waste of money’ I am now well and truly eating my words. This little squishy latex-free pink egg is a miracle.  It blends the thickest of foundations seamlessly into your face in the shortest possible time providing a flawless finish (see favourite 1 above). You could definitely achieve a ‘no makeup’ makeup look using it although I will admit that is not a look I personally go for. Starting at £16 this is not cheap, especially when you see the size of it…but I have been using it and washing it out daily for the past few months with almost no wear and tear evident. There are cheaper dupes available (Primark do one for £1.50) but I haven’t tried any of them so can’t tell you if they are comparable or not.  It is recommended that with daily use/washing you replace it every 3 months…mine is well overdue for replacement and still going strong.

3 – The Body Shop Camomile Silky Cleansing Oil: This little beauty almost shocked the pants off me! I have oily/combination skin and have previously shied away from any form of oil. I like to wear a lot of heavy eye makeup and don’t want to be scrubbing it off my face dragging my delicate ageing eye area.  I tried this on recommendation from one of my favourite youtubers Amelia Liana and cannot believe I have survived without this in my life. Two pumps is all it takes to remove a face full of heavy makeup and it washes off leaving my skin feeling soft and not at all tight.  I follow up with a toner to remove the residue and to make sure my skin is fully clean and then continue with my skincare regime.  Truly a wonder product at £10 for 200ml, that I already have 4 backups waiting…just in case it gets discontinued!

4 – Makeup Revolution Hot Spice Blush Palette: I love Makeup Revolution and one of my favourite products from them is this blush palette.  I have reached for this every single day for the past couple of months and with eight long-lasting super pigmented and truly blendable pinky/peachy shades to choose from (including two highlighter shades) there is one for every occasion.  At the bargain price of £6 you seriously cannot go wrong! There are also five other blush/bronze palettes to choose from, including a cream set (all £6 each) as well as two new highlighter/radiance palettes (£8 each).  Top products, top brand, cheap as chips prices!

5 – Paula’s Choice 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant: I have oily/combination acne-prone skin and have spent years trying to keep it under control.  Another of my favourite youtubers Wayne Goss recommended this product and I decided to try it without really having any expectations. Within a couple of days of starting to use it at night my skin felt softer and more supple, and within a couple of weeks I had totally stopped using my topical acne medication and have not had a significant breakout or had to use it since.  I use this every night after cleansing and toning and then follow (after 10 minutes or so) with a night cream or serum depending what I feel my skin needs. It’s not cheap at £23.50 for 118ml but you need to use very little and it lasts for ages.  Highly recommended for oily/combination acne-prone skin.

6 – New CID Cosmetics i-gel Long Wear Gel Eyeliner Trio: I have watery eyes and no matter what eyeliners I use in my waterline/tightline they do not stick around for long, until now that is. I discovered the New CID Cosmetics gel eyeliner by accident.  A ‘whoops I seem to have added an item to my shopping basket – oh well I may as well pay for it now’ kind of accident!  When I use this product in my waterline/tightline it does not sting and it stays and stays and stays. Highly recommended for watery eyes, and as you get three shades in the one product for £21.50 you have more choice…and a little goes a long way so it will last you ages.  I have the emerald/indigo/midnight blue and the granite/graphite/carbon ones and both are well loved and used.  It also comes in bronze/copper/stone.

7 – Seventeen Falsifeye HD Mascara: I bought this mascara a while ago and it sat in my drawer unopened and unused for ages. When my previous mascara ran out I grabbed this one as I had been keen to try it. Now if you are looking for super black voluminous long lashes then this is for you. If you want a more natural effect mascara I would stay clear. This mascara works well if you are wearing heavy eye makeup but when trying to achieve a more natural look for work it did smudge underneath my eyes a bit as the day went on.  The mascara has a plasticky wand that helps separate lashes and avoid clumping. According to the Boots website the mascara wand has two sides, one with short bristles and one with longer ones. I can’t say I actually noticed this however I do tend to twist the wand around when I apply mascara so I have had the benefit of this just without realising!  At only £6.99 it is currently buy one get a second half price at Boots…I know where I am going tomorrow! 😉

I am currently trying out lots of skincare products and I already feel that some of them will make it into next month’s favourites. Let me know what you are using and what beauty and non-beauty products you recommend that I try out as, let’s just face it, I was never a medal contender in the no-spend-athalon!


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