Unboxing: My Little SuperBox March 2015


My Little SuperBox arrived last week and as usual I was excited to see what it contained.  This is one of my favourite subscription boxes with its mix of branded beauty products, My Little Beauty own-brand products, lifestyle items and a magazine.  This month’s box was a bit of a mixed bag if I am honest and I wasn’t as excited as usual when I opened it…however I am pretty sure that I will be able to use all of the items.

Box Contents: Kerastase Cristaliste luminous perfecting conditioner (delux sample size), Garnier Skin Naturals Miracle Sleeping Cream (full size – retails at £12.99), My Little Beauty lip balm (full size), My Little World magazine, a sheet of Superstickers (er…right!), and a t-shirt with the logo ‘I Believe I Can Fly’ (one size).

I have already tried the Kerastase conditioner and my first impression of it is a bit ‘blah’.  I had to use loads to feel as though the product was spread through my hair, although even with double the amount of conditioner I normally use it still didn’t feel particularly conditioned.  I am excited about trying the Garnier cream…anything that promises to help me wake up with hydrated, revived and more youthful skin is a winner in my eyes! The My Little Beauty lip balm has gone into my collection…I go through so much lip balm as I wear it every day at work and re-apply a million times a day so it will definitely be used.  I have put the t-shirt into my sleep wear collection and it will also get used. The stickers are being passed on to my sister (she’s probably reading this…hi Soph!) as I have no use for them.

At £11 (+ 3.95 p&p) per month, My Little Box claim that this month’s box is valued at over £65. I am not sure if it was worth it this month as the only product I would have chosen to try was the Garnier Sleeping Cream and at £12.99 I could have picked this up for less than the box cost. That being said I will keep this subscription box going for a bit longer as in general it is a high-quality fun box to receive and I am already looking forward to what April has to offer!


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