Holy Grail or Product Fail? Foundations I’ve recently tried…


I love foundation.  It’s one of my most favourite things to try out and I love nothing more than searching for the holy grail of foundations, particularly in the drug store.

My Skin: I am 39 years old with pale cool-toned skin, large pores, lines around my eyes and mouth and a super oily t-zone (acne prone). This review is based on how these foundations wear on my skin. Foundation is such a personal thing that you may have very different results on your skin.

Face Preparation: For all foundations I followed my normal daily skincare routine…wash/cleanse, under eye hydrating gel, oil-free serum and oil-free moisturiser with SPF. All foundations were applied without a primer.

Testing Conditions: Unless otherwise stated all foundations were worn for at least 5 days, for approximately 12 hours per day and whilst working in a hot hospital. They were all also tried at least once on a day off in ‘normal’ temperatures for comparison purposes.

The Foundations:

L’Oreal Infallible 24H-Matte Foundation (shade 11, Vanilla – £7.99 for 35ml) – This recently launched in the UK and I was very excited to try it.  Some of my favourite Youtubers have been raving about this foundation…so it must be good, right?  The short answer is YES! This full-coverage foundation applies flawlessly with a beauty blender (I haven’t tried it with fingers or a brush) and gives a really long-lasting coverage that doesn’t go patchy or sit in my lines. I had to blot mid day, but my t-zone is super super oily so this in fact was not a lot at all.  It’s quite thick which is why a beauty blender is a must for applying it (in my opinion) and the shade range favours skin with pink undertones.  Result: Holy Grail! (1st place)

Collection Natural Matt Foundation (shade Porcelaine 1 – £2.99 for 35ml) – I was super excited when I spotted this in the drug store as I had never seen it before and it sounded perfect for my skin type…but I cannot tell you how disappointed I was with this foundation.  It was totally unwearable for me…it is thick and goopy and it kind of smeared around my face failing to buff or blend leaving streaks and patches all over the place.  I tried it with a beauty blender, brush and fingers and had to take it off in the end as I just could not work with it at all. I’m not sure what I expected for the price but this was not it. Destination = the bin! Result: Product Fail. (1st place)

Maybelline Dream Flawless Nude Fluid-Touch Foundation (shade 10 Ivory – £8.99 for 20ml) – I bought this when it launched in the UK in January and for some reason it just did not grab me as something I wanted to rush to wear. I admit that I like more full-coverage foundations and this was so liquidy that I didn’t think it could possibly give me the coverage I require. How wrong could I be! This is possibly one of the best drug store foundations I have ever used in terms of the finish on my skin. It buffed into my skin seamlessly with a Real Techniques buffing brush (the best way of applying it) and dried to a silky velvet finish. It did not sit in my lines and my other makeup applied beautifully over the top of it (including a liquid blush). I had to blot 2-3 times (I am super oily) however the finish remained as good, if not better, than when I applied it. Result: Holy Grail! (2nd place)

Urban Decay Naked Skin Ultra Definition Liquid Makeup (shade 0.5 – £27.00 for 30ml) – This is my newest purchase and I had high hopes for it based on reviews I have seen. Unfortunately I was to be disappointed. I found that this foundation did not blend well (with fingers, brush or beauty blender) and the coverage was next-to-nothing. If I tried to build it it went patchy, and it sank straight into all of my lines as soon as it was applied.  I had to blot multiple times as after about an hour my face was an oil slick which continued throughout the day. By the end of the day it was as if I had not put any foundation on. The shade range for cool-toned skins isn’t great with the next one up from this being 3 shades darker. This foundation is too expensive to put in the bin so I will be selling it on eBay! Result: Product Fail. (2nd place)

Max Factor Facefinity All Day Flawless 3-in-1 Foundation (shade 45 Warm Almond – £12.99 for 30ml) – I have heard so many people (again on You Tube) rave about the Cover Girl 3-in-1 foundation (which this basically is under a different name) that I had to try it. This full-coverage foundation blends flawlessly with a beauty blender and one blot mid day was all that was required.  It gives a nice coverage and blends out well without looking cakey. It settled a little bit into my lines initially but once buffed out that was it for the rest of the day. The colours available are a bit warm/yellow-toned for my liking however, despite the name, this one was not too bad of a match. Result: Holy Grail! (3rd place)

BD (Barbara Daly) Trade Secrets Vital Skin Longwear Foundation (shade Natural Skin 2 – £9.99 for 30ml) – I picked this up in Tesco without any real expectations as I had never head of it before.  The bottle is glass and quite heavy, making it feel more expensive than it is. Unfortunately I struggled to blend the foundation even with a beauty blender, leaving the finish looking a bit mask-like.  The colour was too light and yellow-toned for me, which didn’t help, however the next shade up was way too dark.  Despite being mask-like on initial application, by the end of the day the foundation had gone very patchy and a lot of it had disappeared altogether.  I won’t be passing this foundation on as I don’t know anyone with pale enough skin who can work with it so it will probably end up in the bin. Result: Product Fail. (3rd place)

Let me know if there are any foundations that you have tried that I need to get my hands on.  I am desperate to try the new one by Nars …I think that may be my next purchase!



6 thoughts on “Holy Grail or Product Fail? Foundations I’ve recently tried…

    • I use the La Roche-Posay Hydraphase Intense eye gel. It’s great as a primer if you’ve got crinkly under eye skin. Glad you like the review! I am sure you will love the L’Oréal Infallible Matte foundation! 🙂


  1. It’s so unfortunate that the UD Naked Skin Foundation is such a failure. I have oily and blemish-prone skin and I was just thinking about getting it once I’m done with my Too Faced powder. Oh well..Great review,btw!

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