The British Tag!

british tag

I have literally just seen the British tag on Gemma Plumb’s blog and I had to do it! Here goes…

How many cups of tea do you have a day? I drink many cups of tea throughout the day and evening.  I like Earl Grey tea and milk to start the day, Yorkshire tea and lots of milk during the day and lemon & ginger tea and camomile tea in the evening to avoid the caffine.  I love all different types of tea…in fact a tea haul is coming on my blog really soon!


Favourite part of a roast dinner? The Yorkshire puddings of course!  I love it when you have a roast dinner sitting inside of a giant Yorkshire pudding…that makes me very happy!


Favourite dunking biscuit? There’s only one dunking biscuit and that’s a ginger biscuit!  It is solid enough to not go soggy and drop off when dunked and tastes amazing with all types of tea!


Favourite quintessentially British pastime? I love going to the seaside and eating fish and chips on the pier/promenade come rain or shine. 🙂

The Anstruther Fish Bar

Favourite word? Bugger! As in…oh bugger (drat!)…or…you bugger (you cheeky sod)! Of course all of that sounds really British to me…let me know if you need me to transcribe this!  Lol!


Cockney rhyming slang? I have no idea how I know it as I am not a Cockney and not even from the south of the country…but I know a surprising amount of Cockney rhyming slang!


Favourite sweet? Definitely rhubarb and custard! I just love these so much! 🙂


What would your pub be called? The paint and stipple! Lol! I have no idea why…it’s just the first thing that came into my head!


No1 British person?  The Queen of course! She’s just awesome and still working at the age of 88! Huge respect to her. 🙂

download (1)

Favourite shop/restaurant?  I love Boots and Superdrug…cannot choose between the two I am afraid. At the moment Jamie’s Italian is my favourite restaurant…he’s a British chef (Jamie Oliver) who started his own restaurant chain.  I ate there yesterday and the food was amazing and the service was fabulous!

download                       da9b00b5f578663cd1de5f9f40dff529_400x400                               download (2)

What British song pops into your head? Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen! Scaramouche scaramouche will you do the fandango…?

Probably one of Queen's most well-known photos

Marmite? A huge YES! What’s not to like? Delicious on toast…my mouth is watering as I type!


I hope you enjoyed this.


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