Unboxing: Pink Parcel March 2015


Pink Parcel is a monthly subscription box dedicated to your period. Seriously…it really is! It’s a concept I have seen frequently on USA You Tube channels and blogs and after a bit of a search I found a couple of services here in the UK. Β As part of the registration process you select your preferred brand fromΒ Tampax, Lil-Lets, Kotex and Always, select your cycle dates (so they know when to post the box) and your parcel is sent to you 3-5 days before your period starts with a decent amount of sanitary products and little extras that are included for you to help you survive the seeming horror of your monthly cycle. πŸ˜‰

I requested Always pads and chose the long ones without wings. Β In error I was sent a pack containing tampons. Β After a quick email to customer services I was sent out a full new box with the correct items in which arrived within a few days.

Box Contents:Β 


A bag of 4 pads to throw in your handbag which is really useful as it stops them getting crushed and stops the wrappers coming off.


A box of 14 pads to top up with when they run out.


Night time pads. Β They ask you how many days long your cycle is and send you one pad for each night. Β I got 5 night time pads.


And no subscription box would be complete without beauty products, tea and something sweet! In this month’s box I received Paw Paw Papaya moisturising balm (25g tube) which so far I really like to use on my dry, chapped lips and under-eye eczema, Bubble T hibiscus and acai berry tea restoring hand cream (100ml bottle), a full-sized OPI nail polish in the shade’I Sing in Colour’ (a dark burgundy red), a Divine fair trade chocolate caramel bar (which lasted for about 5 minutes after this photo was taken), a delicious Tea Pigs chocolate flake tea bag and some very odd Perfectil vitamin tablets that claim to help your skin, hair and nails. That’s about the only thing in the box that I wasn’t impressed with and it seems to be coming more and more common in subscription boxes.

At only Β£5.95 for your first box and the ability to pause or cancel your subscription anytime, it’s definitely worth a try. I will be keeping it for another few months to see what I think about it before deciding whether to stay subscribed or not.

TAS πŸ™‚

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