My NARS-issistic Tendencies Uncovered!


I have recently ‘discovered’ NARS.  Of course I always knew it was there in all its high-end glory with its heart-failure inducing prices, but I never really thought about going there.  I mean, what could it offer that other brands I’ve tried haven’t already?

Wandering around Harvey Nichols one day last year taking in the ights and smells of the beautifully arranged shiny counters, I was approached by the loveliest of sales persons from the NARS counter who just wanted to help me. She didn’t harass me, she let me know she was there if I needed her…she may as well have dangled a small labrador puppy in front of my face and said ‘stroke it if you want, but you don’t have to’. Those products were going to be mine!

On that occasion I walked away with two of the NARS Audacious lipsticks, which I immediately fell in love with. And then I discovered the website, and then I realised that the lovely Hermes delivery driver would text me to arrange a suitable time to deliver…then I was hooked! So 7 lipsticks, one eye shadow palette, one blush palette, a pressed finishing powder and a pencil sharpener (because why not!) later…here I am. Broke, but fabulous! 🙂

First impressions:


NARS Audacious lipstick in the shades (left to right) – Fanny (*tee hee hee*), Dominique, Angela, Vanessa, Juliette, Catherine and Annabella. These are the best lipsticks I have ever tried…ever!  Their claims about ‘one-stroke, full-coverage creamy wear’ are pretty much spot on. There are currently 40 shades in the collection.  I want them all!


NARS Inoubliable Coup d’Oeil eyeshadow palette in the shades (top row left to right) Dalliance, Pyla and Sidi Bou Said, (bottom row left to right) Pandora I, Luberon and Pandora II. I am able to use the full palette to make a complete day and a night look but sadly I don’t think it is something I will reach for on a regular basis, in fact I am already considering selling it. The colours look much better in this photo…in real life they are quite dark and don’t inspire me at all.


NARSissist blush, contour and lip palette – 3x blushers in the shades (left to right) Enrapture, Enthralled and Roman Holiday, highlight shade Albatros, bronzer shade Laguna and mini lip gloss in the shade Istria. This little palette is a total treat and I am in love with it! The three blush shades do not already exist in my blush collection (*gasp*) and the highlight and bronzer suit my pale skin tone and are helping me to get into using both on a more regular basis. I haven’t tried the lip gloss yet but that’s not what I bought this palette for.


NARS Light-Reflecting Setting Powder (pressed) in the shade Translucent Crystal. I do not think I am exaggerating when I say this product has changed my life. When I first opened and swatched it I though I had been conned!  There was no colour or powder on my finger…nothing. I don’t know what trickery or voodoo is involved, but after being applied (using the supplied applicator) it made my face glow, feel silky smooth and it held everything in place for the whole day without having to reapply it.  It’s magical and mysterious and I will definitely be repurchasing it.


NARS pencil sharpener.  I needed a new makeup pencil sharpener so added this to my order as it was similar in price to drug store ones. I love the fact that you can remove both the top and bottom sections to make sure you can clean it properly.  It’s a great sharpener!

So there we are…I am a NARS-issist!  Who knew!


13 thoughts on “My NARS-issistic Tendencies Uncovered!

  1. Thanks for this, my skin is too sensitive for most non vegan foundations but I know that NARS has a range of delicious looking makeup and I have tried them before so I know they go on creamy. Most of my makeup is made from scratch but I do enjoy the accesssories. I love that pencil sharpener and the mirror

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      • I love Lush products. It was amazing to me, when I discovered them more than ten years ago, that non soap products could clean my skin. I make a combination with coconut, olive and rosemary now and it has saved my skin in winter. I learned to keep it simply after literally buying every brand out there that exists and not having the results I wanted. Luckily, your skin doesn’t need high maintenance foundation as it’s absolutely glowing. x

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      • I’ve heard so many good things about coconut oil that I want to invest in some to see if I can make some face and body products out of it. A lot of my Asian patients use olive oil as a body moisturiser and their skin is just amazing. 🙂

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  2. 1.I love Orgasm. It was my only blush and I used it till the last crumb.
    2. I had the Christmas blush palette but sold it. 3.I’m tempted by Audacious in Claudia.
    4. Nars/ UD/ Laura M/ too faced normally don’t excite me too much because the finishes / Colors/ tones are usually too sharp, too all done American for my liking.

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