Unboxing: April’s Birchbox vs My Little Box


This month I am pitting my two favourite monthly subscription boxes against each other to see which one is victorious!  I love my monthly treats and this month was a good one from both Birchbox and My Little Box.

Birchbox DSC00626 - Copy

This month’s Birchbox was in celebration of the imminent royal birth.  I got a blue box in prediction of a boy because, you know, girls cannot wear blue apparently!  I got the choice of three Laura Mercier products in this box and I chose the foundation primer.

Contents: (left to right) Imedeen Derma One vitamin supplements, Percy & Reed London Smoothed, Sealed & Sensational Volumising No Oil Oil, Pommade Divine remedy balm, Lola Barcelona nail polish in the shade Garcia, Liz Earl Beauty Co Cleanse & Polish (+ muslin cloth – not shown) and Laura Mercier foundation primer.

I love love love the Laura Mercier primer and I am so happy that I got to choose one of my samples. I have never used any of the other products but they will be put to work immediately (apart from the vitamin supplements…why oh why do they bother with these?!).

My Little Dream Box  DSC00632

The theme of this month’s box was ‘dreams’. A bit of a tenuous link to the contents inside if I am honest however the interesting mix of makeup, beauty and lifestyle products is always exciting to receive.

Contents: (left to right) Nominoe gentle foam facial cleanser, Bonne Etoile necklace by Delphine Pariente, Lou Lesage lip balm, Rotating Stamp and ink pad, My Little Beauty’s repairing mask for dry ends and My Little World magazine (not shown).

The makeup and beauty products will be put to work shortly however I am not sure how much use I will have for the stamp and necklace and I never read the magazine.

The winner?

It’s a tough one this month as both boxes were great. If I had to pick one though it would be Birchbox…no…My Little box…no…Birchbox…yes definitely Birchbox is my winner beacuse I got to choose one of my samples and because all but one of the products inside will be useful to me!

I can’t wait for next month!


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