So…I am buying a house!


Just typing this title has made me sweat a little. I mean, me…buying a house…setting down some roots…yikes! I am positively grown up now! I have avoided buying a house for the longest time but now that I am approaching 40 and my time for getting a decent mortgage period is diminishing, I think it’s time I just got on with it!

Of course I have already started doing the important things. I have set up some Pinterest boards to help me design and decorate my rooms, I have decided that my front door will be green and I have named my new cat that I will get when I move in (Mittens btw).  I am also checking out IKEA on a daily basis to plan and design my dressing/beauty room…cos a girl has to have somewhere to store her stuff! I have a friend who is going to take me house shopping. She’s a pro with this and I have promised to be guided by her wisdom, as knowing me I would buy the first house I saw and it would fall down around my ears as soon as the contracts were signed. However she is currently on holiday…and there are a few places I really want to have a look at…she’ll never know if I just take a peek…will she?! 😉


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