Growing Old Disgracefully: battling with my greying hair…


Up until the age of 30 I smiled sympathetically at people I knew who HAD to dye their hair regularly in order to banish the grey. Up until the age of 30 I dyed my hair for fun and had it every colour of the rainbow just because I could. Up until the age of 30 I just didn’t get it…and then I got my first grey hair! In the past 9 years this one grey hair has multiplied a million times and now I am one of those people who HAS to dye her hair (currently a natural black) in order to banish the grey, every 4 weeks in fact. And I hate it. I am always looking for ways to extend the time between hair dyes, and this is what I have discoveredΒ so far…



Yes you read that correctly…mascara! This was the first between-dyes product that I discovered could be used to swipe over the odd grey hair or two to hide them. I keep a dried up mascara (any mascara will do that matches your hair colour) in my makeup bag although it is only effective on the odd grey hair/s. Any more than that and you tend to look like…well…you have swiped mascara through your hair…funny that! Of course this only works on a limited number of hair colours and I recommend that once it has dried in your hair, you brush it through to achieve a more natural look.

Colour WOW Root Cover Up pressed powder:


This little, rather expensive, pressed hair powder can be used to cover up grey hair when there is a little bunch of it or if you want to go around your hair line or parting. It comes in a variety of colours so you can match it to most hair although it is labour-intensive and you risk smudging it all over your face if you are not careful with it. I usually apply it before my foundation so I can cover up any smudges. Although it is pricey, it has lasted me for ages and it’s quite a handy compact product that you can throw in your bag for an emergency.

Clairol Nice ‘n Easy Root Touch Up:


This is useful for touching up your roots between dyes, although by the time you have prepared the (permanent) dye, applied it, waited for it to develop then washed it off, you may as well have dyed your full head. The preparation process is messy and you do risk splashing it everywhere. I keep a box in for those occasions when I have forgotten to pick up a hair dye but hair powder is just not enough but, if I am honest, I rarely use it.

Nice ‘n Easy Hair ColourΒ CremeΒ (natural black):

hair dye

This is pretty much the only way of effectively dealing with those pesky greys. I like Clairol Nice ‘n Easy permanent hair dye as it pretty much does what it says on the box. I apply the dye to my roots, brush it through the lengths, leave it on for 20 minutes then wash it off, condition and straighten my hair to seal the hair shaft. If you end up with this on your face and hair line during dyeing scrub it off quickly with a flannel, soap and COLD water. If you use hot water it will stain your skin. My hair feels soft and silky after using this and I love the conditioner that is supplied with it.

The Verdict:


The two products that I reach for on a regular basis are the Nice ‘n Easy Hair Colour CremeΒ (permanent – natural black) and the Colour WOW Root Cover Up pressed powder (black). Although I hate dyeing my hair and procrastinate over it for days, it is the most effective way of covering up the greys. In between, the WOW hair powder dulls down the glimmer of grey enough to get me through the day. The only dilema I have now is how long do I keep dyeing my hair black for before I start to look older than my years…?

What are your tips for battling with grey hair?

TAS πŸ™‚

10 thoughts on “Growing Old Disgracefully: battling with my greying hair…

  1. My goodness I love this post. I share your pain! Thanks for the tip of using mascara…William be a handy emergency measure one of these days! I use Alterna 2 Minute Touch Up Black in between dyes. It smudges on my face if I touch my hair with wet hand and then touch my face. On day I probably will not have the will to dye my hair anymore! I wish they invent a pill to stop us from going grey!xo

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