My mini Bravissimo haul!


There are few things I really dislike. Dyeing my greying hair is pretty much the worst thing ever, closely followed by getting fitted for new bras. Every 6-12 months, for most large-chested girls, this just has to be done. Not to go into too much detail but it’s all about the scaffolding…and after a while the scaffolding just kind of gives way!

I canvassed opinion from my friends on Facebook and got lots of suggestions which I am definitely going to try out, but I was really keen to try Bravissimo in Leeds…a shop I had seen but never ventured into. When you have chesticles the size of mine you don’t browse for bras, you shop with purpose! If I walk into a bra shop it is with the intention of getting fitted and buying a stash…so one slightly rainy Saturday that is exactly what I did!

The Service – As soon as I walked in I was greeted with a friendly smile and a ‘hello’. I followed the signs downstairs to where the fitting service is carried out and again I was greeted like I was a most welcomed customer. I was advised not to sit down as there was a person free right now who could help me. 10/10 for service!

The fitting – I was introduced to a lovely girl who I am going to call my ‘bra-fitting angel’ purely because I am terrible at remembering names! She took me into a fitting room and got started. I was pleased to find out that they fit by eye and not by using a measuring tape. My very first experience of being fitted for a bra was as a teenager, by an elderly lady who fitted by eye (I was dragged there by my mum as I was wearing totally the wrong sized bra). If you know what you are doing then you do not need a measuring tape, in my opinion. My bra-fitting angel sized me up, asked what type of bras I liked (fit/colour – I like plunge and balconette bras btw and bright colours or black) and she brought a selection back for me. Each one I tried on I liked more than the last and very quickly chose three that I liked…each fitted perfectly. 10/10 for fitting!

The selection – I didn’t take a look at the selection as I walked through the shop as I believe that you should be fitted for the bras and not choose bras you would like to be fitted into. The selection I was given to try were all BravissimoΒ brandΒ bras and they were all just gorgeous. On my way out I had a peek at the ones on the racks and there were lots of pretty styles (bras, vest tops, beach clothing and swimwear) in a huge variety of sizes. 10/10 for selection!

The Satisfction – High! I was in and out in 15 minutes and I have 3 perfectly-fitting bras that have made my day-to-day life so much more comfortable. 10/10 for satisfaction!

If you are ever near a BravissimoΒ shopΒ I highly recommend that you check them out for size (pun intended!). I cannot fault the service, fitting, selection and satisfaction I felt during my brief but fruitful visit!

TAS πŸ™‚

6 thoughts on “My mini Bravissimo haul!

  1. I’ve been the same size since the eighth grade. I was so small, I could not find any to fit me, so I went without until I discovered sports bras in university. Think about that: I lived in a country where everyone had volumes. Not long after that, I moved to a country where people were smaller and my first stop after I got settled? A lingerie store for a fitting. It was surreal. Push up padded bras. Now I can (sort of) intimidate people in plunging necklines. x

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    • I dream of having much smaller boobs than I have…I can’t quite believe that people pay to have them enlarged! With the right bra you will always look fabulous! πŸ™‚

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      • Traci-Ann. Thank you so much. I admire women of all sizes and shapes. I especially adore cute lingerie. I was happy to discover Gilly Hicks a year ago and La Perla well before that because they’re like V/S for smaller women. Have a great day, Traci-Ann.

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