Review: Eylure Pro-Brow Dybrow Dye Kit


Every day I spend time colouring in my brows. I have a plethora of brow products ranging from gels to pencils waxes and pomades. I love them all and the results they give, but honestly I would love brows that match my dyed hair when I am makeup free and that on a work day (when I have 5 minutes to slap on my face) require no attention what-so-ever. I really thought that I had found it in the form of the Eylure Pro-Brow Dybrow Dye Kit!

The Product: at Β£7.50 for up to 12 applications (lasting up to 6 weeks each) this product is inexpensive and pretty easy to apply. Everything you need is included in the kit. It takes about a minute to prepare the soultion (mix it well) and less than a minute to apply. My natural brows are light/medium brown. The colour I chose was dark brown.

Before dyeing my brows:


The Application: This was super easy. I simply covered the mascara wand provided and ran it through my brows, the exact same technique I use every time I use brow gel. The instructions recommend leaving the product on for 2 minutes up toΒ a maximum of 5 minutes for hard-to-dye hair. I left mine on for 10 minutes…just call me a rule breaker! πŸ˜‰

After applying the brow-dyeing product:


The Result: I am not sure what I was expecting but at the very least I wanted a colour change…especially after leaving the colour on for 10 whole minutes! My brows are light/medium brown and I chose a dark brown colour. I think I can see a teeny weeny colour change…although that is more than likely to be the lighting.

The end result… 😦


The Verdict: This is a product fail in my opinion. Maybe my brows are just resistant to being dyed, maybe I should have gone for the black one, maybe I should have left it on for 20 minutes, maybe I should have gone to a salon! Unfortunately this product is not for me, soΒ I will be sticking with my gels, pencils, waxes and pomades for now.

TAS πŸ™‚



2 thoughts on “Review: Eylure Pro-Brow Dybrow Dye Kit

  1. I have the exact same colour brows and the exact same problem, after having tried this once or twice, I decided to buy it once more and try again. I accidentally bought the dylash instead of dybrow, but didnt realise until I was home and mixing the solution. I applied it anyway and had AMAZING results which I could never get with the eyebrow version. I highly recommend it honestly, a mistake turned out to be an absolute must-have for me.

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