Mini Lush Haul!


I am totally addicted to LUSH! I mean, don’t get me wrong, they have misses as well as hits, but there is just something brilliant about walking into a shop where all of the sales staff look like they really want to be there, talk to you like you are a human being and not a sales target and genuinely love their products and what they do. It’s this that keeps me coming back for more!

On this little trip I though I would pick up some things for the bath and a couple of other bits and bobs that caught my eye. πŸ™‚ I’m not a bath bomb lover, once the fizz is gone I feel I am left disappointed with murky-coloured water and not a lot to show for it, however Bubble Bars are right up my street! Of the three I got, the only one that left me slightly dismayed was the glittery one. It promised me glittery bubbles then failed to deliver instead leaving me with water that looked like it had been heavily peed in (seriously!) and a slimy gold residue all over my bath that was a nightmare to clean off. The other two however were everything I expected and more! The water was fragrant, the bubbles were plentiful and soft and coupled with a new bath pillow I wallowed in the bath for a lot longer than I normally do. The whole experience was quite lovely.

I also grabbed an Oatifix fresh face mask which frankly felt like I was rubbing porridge on my face…it tasted quite nice (like porridge with bananas) as I accidentlyΒ found myself eating it forgetting that it was in fact a face mask! I’m not sure what benefits it actuallyΒ deliveredΒ but it was not unpleasant and I will ensure to use it up. Β The Whoosh Shower JellyΒ has an amazing smell and a very firm texture…like jelly cubes before you melt them. I highly recommend that you don’t scoop small pieces out of the tub as you will be forever scrabbling around on the shower floor as you drop it and it heads for the drain never to be seen again! Next time I purchase I will keep the lump of jelly whole and use it like a soap.

My final purchase was the Charity Pot Hand & Body Lotion which is possibly the best hand cream I have ever used! Not only do 100% of the profits go to charity, but it makes my crispy, tight, over-washed hands feel alive again. I have loads of the little Β£1 mini pots all over the place and now this giant pot is at my bedside for my pre-sleep moisturising routine. It smells lovely, it feels lovely, I can’t recommend this product highly enough!

I really fancy trying some of their makeup items and pretty much everything else in the shop. Until next time LUSH

TAS πŸ™‚

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