Move more, spend less, feel good…


My new motto, which started September 1st, is to ‘move more, spend less, feel good’. ‘Easy peasy!’ I hear you cry, but not when you are a shopping-addicted, wine-drinking, sofa-loving sloth like me! I need to change my wicked ways, so here goes…

Move More – It’s time I hauled myself off the sofa and did something to increase my heart rate and reduce my fat! As an exercise-phobe it’s hard to choose something that I will do willingly but I have been encouraged by others to start walking. Walking is cheap, the outdoors is free and I have a pair of (unworn) trainers that are perfect for this! I have my Fitbit at the ready to count my steps and help me to be healthy. What am I waiting for…?

Spend Less – I am on a self-imposed beauty & makeup product no-spend-athlon for the month of September. I have far too many makeup and beauty products and far far far too many pairs of shoes and handbags. I think it’s time I actually used some of these little beauties and appreciated what I have. This month is all about shopping my stash and limiting my drug store/internet browsing! Yikes!


Feel Good – September is the month of the Cancer Research Dryathlon and I have signed up to take part! I drink far too much booze and it’s really not good for me or my pocket. I have pulled all of my Teapigs teas out of the cupboard to provide fruity and herbal refreshment. My plan is to donate £1 for every day I am booze free…I hope to have raised £30 by the end of the month. 🙂


Fingers crossed…look out for updates on my seemingly impossible journey!


One thought on “Move more, spend less, feel good…

  1. YOU CAN DO IT!!!! Yay for you!! 🙂
    My goal is to finish decluttering, tidying and unpacking my home… I moved in over a year ago, so it’s about time!!
    D x

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