KIKO Rebel Romantic limited edition collection


KIKO Milano is fast becoming one of my favourite brands. The products are good, some really really good, the prices are totally reasonable and their limited edition collections keep the brand updated and fresh on a regular basis. Strolling past the KIKO store in Leeds in AugustΒ (prior to my no-spend-athlon!), my eye was caught by a collection I had not seen before. Lo and behold I had chosen to stroll past on the very day they launched their new Rebel Romantic limited edition collection…and I just couldn’t help but take a little peek! πŸ˜‰

My first over-riding though was ‘I think I have seen this somewhere before’. The product selection, the colour of the packaging and even the shades of the products all seemed strangely familiar and a lot more high-end than the price point would suggest. My interest in this limited edition collection was now at fever pitch, so I grabbed a basket and here’s what I bought…


1 –Β Rebel Romantic Face Brush – This beautiful rose gold brush is great for countouring and bronzing, which is what I use it for, but it could easily be used for blusher and face powder too. The brush is solid in your hand and the synthetic bristles are dense and soft although not overly fluffy. On the smaller end they are dense and firm. It does shed a little on the bigger end of the brush but nothing drastic.

2 –Β Rebel Bouncy BlushΒ (shade 02 Adorable Pink) – I am not a massive cream blush fan as I feel that it takes some of my foundation off on application. This product is better than most I have tried as it pats on and blends with minimal foundation disturbance. I find if I rub a bit on the back of my hand first to warm it up it applies better. The colour is vibrant so don’t get too heavy-handed when applying.

3 –Β Liquid Intense EyelinerΒ (shade 03 Blue) – If you want an alternative to black then this colour is perfect. The eyeliner itself applies smoothly, dries quickly and stays throughout the day…and night…and next day…in fact it’s so so so hard to remove (even with an oil cleanser). Just make sure you have something underneath it (foundation, primer) as on bare skin it may be there for longer than you want!

4 –Β Metallic Shine EyeshadowΒ (shade 04 Mysterious Sapphire) – This is one of my favourite products in the collection and this colour is just to die for! I apply it with a brush and blend it upwards into the crease with no need for additional colours/products. It applies smoothly, is not overly wet in consistency (more like a cream/powder combi) and the colour lasts and lasts throughout the day without creasing.

5 –Β Intensely Lavish Lip PencilΒ (shade 04 Mild Sangria) – This lip liner shocked the pants off me when I first applied it! With hardly any pressure it delivered a one-stroke highly-pigmented smooth application. A perfect match for the lipstick below and it lasted really well only requiring a touch up after eating some deliciously greasy food!

6 –Β Intensely Lavish LipstickΒ (shade 04 Mild Sangria) – A creamy lipstick with an intensely-pigmented bright colour, this is also a stand-out product for me in this collection. Its one-swipe application and stay-ability rivals much higher end formulations. The bullet has a weighty feel in your hand and the magnetic closure screams ‘expensive’ although in reality the price point is very much High Street.

7 –Β Metallic Shine EyeshadowΒ (shade 05 Charming Sage) – This product is so good it appears twice! This shade matches my eyes perfectly, applies and blends easily with a brush and can be worn alone. A perfect product for when you have minimal time to get ready for a special night out.

As soon as my no-spend-athlon is over I will be purchasing some more from this collection before it disappears forever!

TAS πŸ™‚

8 thoughts on “KIKO Rebel Romantic limited edition collection

  1. I saw this when I was in Italy but didn’t pay it much attention (apart from the mini film advertising the collection that was playing in the shop – all gothic romance and a very beautiful white horse if I remember). The packaging on that lipstick would definitely make me look again, and Kikko eyeshadows are lovely. Great post Traci-Ann x


    • Awww thank you! The lipsticks are amazing and cost less than Β£7…such a steal! Glad you enjoyed the post…happy to fuel your spending! πŸ˜‰


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