Move more, spend less, feel good…

noMove more – I have started wearing my pedometer which has confirmed my fears that despite working in a busy hospital I mostly sit on my bottom! I am lucky if I do 5,000 steps a day…my goal is to increase this to 7,500 per day. A trip out to the lovely Saltaire Festival this weekend helped towards that…although that was the day I chose to forget my pedometer! Baby steps…

Spend less – Spending less is a challenge when you are bombarded (by choice I hasten to add) on a daily basis with emails offering discounts and offers tempting me to buy stuff. Recently I have said NO to 30% off at Body Shop, NO to £5 discount at Space NK, NO to a 15% discount at Pretty Small Shoes and NO to a great Feel Unique sale. It’s has been tough, I mean I might have missed the never-to-be-repeated bargain of the century…then again I probably haven’t (or have I? Oh the inner turmoil!). This week I have gone through my email subscriptions and got rid of some of that daily temptation.

Feel good – ‘Say no to cakes!’ is my new motto. Who knew that Bulgar wheat, quinoa, lentils and other random grains, pseudo grains and pulses could actually be so tasty. I have been loving the Jamie Oliver ready-to-eat packets for lunch with a bit of salad and feta cheese. The increase in fibre has been good for my ‘inner workings’ too…If you know what I mean! 😉 I also remain alcohol free and have donated £20 to my Cancer Research dryathlon fund-raising campaign (£1 for every day booze free). Herbal and green teas have become my new friends…I definitely feel better for it.

Onwards and upwards!


9 thoughts on “Move more, spend less, feel good…

  1. Good job, especially on the “spend less”. Regarding sales or material things I really want, if I’m trying to save (as you know I am), I just keep telling myself “Dominique – forget it. You don’t need that dress/shoes/thousandth lipstick. There will be another great sale or whatever down the road!”

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  2. Good luck, Traci Ann. I’ve been struck down by a cold recently and despite being unable to move for a whole day, I felt terrible that I couldn’t go outside and enjoy the day outdoors. Being active and moving around a lot is a habit that I’m glad has sunk into the recesses of my mind. I am sure you will do alright with those extra 2,500 steps. And, if you add some extra cosmetics to your pouch (mine is bursting at the seams) and a few more electronic devices, you will also do some serious weight training. x

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