It may be foundation, but is it really magic?


I spend a fair amount of my free time browsing the internet, watching YouTube vids and searching the stores for the holy grail of foundations which, despite my extensive collection of drug store and high-end foundations, I feel I haven’t quite found yet. I recently got a sample of the new Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation to try in shade 1. The full-sized bottle retails at Β£29.50 in the UK. After all the hype leading up to its release I couldn’t wait to slap it on my face and put it to the test!

My current favourites: At present nothing is beating the L’Oreal Infallible 24H Matte and Estee Lauder Double Wear foundations. One drug store and one high-end. I really wanted to know how the CT Magic Foundation stacked up against these little beauties!

My skin: I am 39 with fine lines, laughter lines, a smattering of freckles, visible pores and acne-prone oily/combination skin with a super oily t-zone. I love a heavy-coverage demi-matte foundation, which this promises to be. It also promised to make me look fabulous, young and 20lbs lighter…OK so maybe I made the last bit up, but you get my drift! πŸ˜‰ My sample gave me three applications so here’s what I did…

Application: This foundation is super thick, in fact it’s the thickest-feeling foundation I have ever applied on my skin. It takes brute force to work it in, using a buffing brush was being unkind and abrasive to my skin and the beauty blender gave it a bit of a patchy application. I found that using my fingers was the best method, but still not great. However despite whichever technique and primer (or no primer) used, the foundation immediately sat in all my fine lines and soon settled back into them after being re-buffed out! I have never worked so hard to get a foundation on to my face. Marks out of 10 for application – 0/10.

Wear time: The foundation lasted for about an hour before it started shifting around on my face. It continued to settle in my fine lines and gathered in my laughter lines and around my nose requiring regular checks and ‘repairs’. By the end of the day (9 hour period) the coverage was patchy and non-existent in places. My face looked more like I had been wearing a BB cream or a much much cheaper poor-quality drug store foundation than a high-end stay-put all-singing all-dancing product. Marks out of 10 for wear time – 0/10.

Oil control: Within an hour of application my t-zone was shiny and that just continued to get worse throughout the day requiring hourly blotting. Each morning when I appliedΒ the foundation I set my t-zone with powder (once only) as I get super oily there, but to no avail. I also had a huge breakout after the third day which is not cool! Marks out of 10 for oil control – 0/10.

The verdict: I really wanted to love this foundation as I am a huge Charlotte Tilbury fan, but I am sad to say that my search for the holy grail continues. Despite its claims, this foundation does nothing for my skin and I would definitely not recommend it for ageing oily/combination acne-prone skin. I would be interested however in how it works with drier skin types and skin of different ages. Let me know what you think about this foundation…

TAS πŸ™‚

29 thoughts on “It may be foundation, but is it really magic?

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  3. Its funny because every review I’ve seen on this ‘Magic’ foundation has been word for word the exact same comments as yours.
    I think CT needs to be more involved in her Quality Control and testing before she puts her stamp on mediocre products. The beauty industry is just so competitive and from what I’ve read, a lot of high street, (Β£10 price mark) foundations are so much better.
    I really want to try some of CT products but they are so hit and miss i think i’m going to stick with Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua, Perfection Velvet and Dior Star foundations. Brilliant! Get samples of them if you haven’t tried them out yet because your skin sounds very similar to mine and i love these..

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    • Oooh I might check them out, thank you for the recommendations. ☺ I love the CT lipsticks and the creme eye shadows are really good too, and I like the mascara too. I think I will stick with those though, not keen to spend money on other products that might not be so great. The L’Oreal Infallible foundation is just brilliant and for Β£7.99 you just can’t go wrong! ☺

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    • I was so sad. I really wanted it to be ‘the one’. 😒 Fortunately I got a free sample and didn’t buy the whole bottle. 😊


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