Decluttering the lipstick drawer


I have had love affairs with lipstick, lip glosses, liquid lipsticks, lip balms and all things lips for as long as I can remember! As a result I have far far FAR too many of the above in my stash. Although it breaks my heart to say goodbye, time for a little clear out me thinks! This is the heap I gathered from my makeup drawers, boxes, bags, my handbag, work bag and coat pockets! There is no way I will ever use all of this! So let’s break it down…

Lipsticks are my thing. I love bold, bright shades with long-lasting formulas. All types of finishes are ok with me as long as they are comfortable, apply evenly and make my lips look fab! I had way way too many lipsticks, many with remarkably similar shades. I picked out my favourites to keep, plus a few I haven’t used yet and discarded the rest.


The NARS Audacious lipsticks are truly one of my favourite formulations. That and the ‘audacious’ price tag attached to them meant they were all staying! Dominique is such a unique shade and one of my favs, along with Anna.


A smattering of high end and drug store lipsticks make up the rest of my ‘to keep’ collection. Some of the standout shades and finishes from this lot: MAC Impassioned, Charlotte Tilbury Amazing Grace, KIKO Mild Sangria and Rimmel Kate Moss 110.

Lip Crayons & Pencils – There were some serious hits and some serious misses in this category. The balm-type crayons are not for me so they have all gone. I find that they don’t wear well, stain any cracks in my lips and generally don’t make me look very good.


I ended up keeping all of my lip pencils as there were no duplicate shades and they were all needed to match my lipstick collection. I also could not part with the NARS lip pencils as they are so pigmented and look fab on the lips, and they cost a pretty penny too!

Lip glosses, Liquid Lipsticks, Butters & Cremes I used to love love love lipgloss. It was my favourite product of all time. For some reason I have fallen out of love with it in favour of lipsticks and more pigmented products.


These ones make great lipstick toppers as they are all sheer with only a hint of colour.


This lot can be worn alone. There are some lovely unique shades amongst them. The I Heart Makeup Lip Lava in Shockwave and the NYX Lip Butter in Cherry Cheese Cake are both awesome shades and two of my favs.

Lip balms are all over the place, in my car, handbag, work bag, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom…they are everywhere and I need them…all of them! I got rid some of the ones that were almost empty and anything with a minty flavour as I really don’t like that on my lips.


Now that my collection is so small I am actually feeling quite anxious that I might run out! The stand-out product from this collection is the LUSH lip balm. It has been used so much that the lid sticker has worn away. It has been through the washing machine at least twice and survived…this is one that I will be replacing as soon as it’s gone no matter how many balms remain. 🙂

Discarded products – I got rid of 65 lip products, a mixture of lipsticks, glosses, pencils and balms. The ones that have been used a lot or are off (yes I am ashamed to say I have had them that long) have been thrown away, any not used will be added to my eBay sale pile, and the rest (mostly only swatched) will be handed over to my sister who can’t wait to have a good rummage through the box!


I feel lighter already!


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