What I got for Xmas & my b’day – the edit


Having a birthday on Christmas day used to be a bind, but now it’s a blessing as the stores have some great products available so really it’s the best time of year! I always buy myself a few b’day prezzies and this year has been no exception…check out my latest haul which will show you some of the treats I bought myself…*happy birthday to meeeeee*…!Β These heaps of wonderful prezzies are all mine…there’s no way I am going through all of them as I am aware that you need your hands free for stuffing in left-over Christmas food and chocolate and whatever other delicious treats you have lying around. So I have picked out a few to mention that I thought might tickle your fancy!

Xmas & B'day Gifts I Received 2015

My food/drink Xmas & b’day gifts

Food/drink:Β Booze (more than is pictured here, not sure what that says about me *ahem*), home-made muesli (totally awesome), lemon curd (my fav) and chocolate were all gratefully received. I am making my way through the chocolates as quickly as I can with the thought that once they are gone my problem is solved…right?! The same really applies for the booze too! πŸ˜‰ Before my birthday I was treated to an awesome birthday meal by one of my besties at the Michelin-starred Yorke ArmsΒ before the big day. My eating out bar has forever been raised and I do fear nothing will ever compete!

Beauty:Β My peeps know me well and know exactly what floats my boat. The Charlotte Tilbury set,Β Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit palette andΒ Tom Ford Crimson Noir lippy all literally made me squeal with delight. I haven’t tried the lipstick yet as the TF etched into the top of the bullet is too pretty to ruin! That said…this weekend I fancy a red lip and I think I might have to crack this beauty open. Today is the day I try out my new T3 Featherweight Compact hairdryer and Remmington Silk straighteners. After 3 days of refusing to shower or get dressed (that’s what Xmas PJs are for!) I am back at work tomorrow so I had better clean myself up and present myself with shiny glossy ‘I got out of bed like this’ locks! Lip balm and hand cream are always great things to receive. The Elizabeth Arden Eight-Hour Cream lip protectant is perfect (no picture as it’s in my bag!) and theΒ Burt’s Bees Almond & Milk hand cream is one of my favs for soothing my crispy hands.

Xmas & B'day Gifts I Received 2015

My beauty-related Xmas & b’day gifts

All the rest: MyΒ River Island bag made me *swoon*. I love the colour (tomato red), texture (suedey) and Β do not have anything like it in my current collection. It was my Christmas day bag…happy times!Β On Christmas eve I cracked open a bottle of prosecco and wondered where to place my glass…the next day anΒ awesome wooden wine glass/bottle coaster with my name on appeared and my wishes were answered. Unfortunately it’s not in the picture as it’s currently in use…*ahem*…well I do have all that booze to finish off! You know when you get something you never realised you needed, well the red fingerless fluffyΒ gloves are just that, they match my winter coat perfectly!Β A Mr Frosty was on my Santa list for YEARS as a child and at last Santa relented… πŸ™‚ I can now make delicious snow cones with mysterious penguin juice whenever I want! I love a pair of PJs at Xmas, these fleecy leopard print ones from Next are just perfect and have been my ‘outfit’ for the past 2 days. πŸ˜‰ The piece de resistance is my new camera lense. I use a Sony A5000 compact systems camera for my photography and really wanted a macro lense to take those super close-up shots I am so jealous of. I can’t wait to try it out properly…watch this space!

Xmas & B'day Gifts I Received 2015

The rest of my wonderful Xmas & b’day gifts

So that’s my Christmas & b’day haul! πŸ™‚ I am, of course, now on a self-imposed spending ban from now until at least the end of January as I have soooooo many things to play with and absolutely no need to seek out more beauty products (in particular). I feel a few decluttering and project pan projects coming on in the new year…I need to make some space!

I hope you all enjoyed the festive season. I am going to enjoy the last few hours of my holiday curled up with my new book. Here’s to a safe and happy 2016.

Traci-Ann πŸ™‚

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