Haul Alert! I went to IKEA and this happened…

IKEA Haul - traciannloves.co.uk

So it went a little something like this… I popped to IKEA a week or so ago for a set of Alex 9 drawers to store my makeup and beauty products in (cliche I know). I grabbed a trolley (mistake No. 1!) and a bag (mistake No. 2!) and thought I would stroll through the displays prior to heading to the collection area (mistake No. 3!). I wandered along filling my bag with lots of bits and bobs that I had no idea I needed until I actually saw them, and it wasn’t until I got home that I realised I hadn’t even bought what I went for…which means another trip! Yikes or yey (depending which way you look at it)! 🙂 So let’s have a look at what I did buy…and have a little giggle at the names that I can’t even attempt to pronounce!

IKEA Haul - traciannloves.co.uk

The Malin Rund duvet cover (double – £25) and 4 pillow cases is a nice change from the bold and bright covers I had on before. I really love that IKEA provides 4 pillow cases…like why would anyone only need 2?! These covers are soft to the touch and not-at-all scratchy. Under the covers is the Gaspa fitted sheet in turquoise (£18) which is super soft and smooth. The Snabbvinge cushion cover (front – £4) and the 2 Gurli cushion covers (grey – £2 each) are actually for a grey and black chair which they look fab with. 🙂

IKEA Haul - traciannloves.co.uk

The Strala battery-operated light (£14 – but I paid £8) sits behind my bed and casts a lovely glow when all of the lights are out and I am lying in bed watching TV. It’s light and portable…I think it will make an awesome blog photo prop too! 😉

IKEA Haul - traciannloves.co.uk

The Bolman bath sheets (£11 each) and the Bolman hand towels (£3.50 each) and thin and really absorbant. I find that thicker towels just spread the water around, particularly when new. These ones do the job just fine and they wash really well too. The Badaren small bath mat (£3.50) fits my tiny bathroom perfectly. It also comes in a larger size and in different colours. 🙂

IKEA Haul - traciannloves.co.uk


IKEA Haul - traciannloves.co.uk

The Festmaltid lunch Box (£3.50) is split into 2 sections inside so I can separate my salad from the main part of my lunch…no more soggy lunches for me! I already have a Torg mug (£2.50) and thought I would get another. They are my fav mugs especially when used with the Idealisk tea infuser (90p) for my loose leaf Teapigs teas. The stationary addict in me neeeeeded the Sarskild note book (£2) – OK so I got two! They are currently lined up on my shelf next to all my other lovely notebooks. 🙂 I got the flowers as blog photo props – Smycka (assorted, pink- £1.75 each) and Snartig (yellow, green & blue – 45p each). The Sardal LED string of 24 lights (£8) are also to use for my blog posts and videos as well as to decorate my bedroom.

I just love IKEA…now to get what I actually went for! I feel another trip coming on really soon!

Traci-Ann 🙂

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