Drying my hair with the T3 Featherweight Compact Dryer…

T3 featherweight compact hairdryer - traciannloves.co.uk

I have used a hairdryer to dry my hair for years, in fact I consider myself a pro on all things ‘hair drying’…I have used many different brands and was almost surgically attached to my diffuser in the late 80s/early 90s…well I had to keep that perm in check somehow! πŸ˜‰ I’ve tried all sorts over the years and I really didn’t think there was anything out there that would beat my regular Babyliss hairdryer. Well how wrong could I be!Β I got aΒ T3 Featherweight Compact DryerΒ for my birthday and folks, it has been life-changing!

T3 featherweight compact hairdryer - traciannloves.co.uk

The manufacturer’s claims: A specially engineered fan generates a high volume of ion-enriched air that exits the dryer in a wide cone shape at a soft, gentle speed that allows you to dry large sections of hair – fast. Negative ions in the airflow cancel static and quickly seal the cuticle, which helps hair retain natural moisture, reduces frizz and enhances shine.’Β 

My hair: I have fine colour-treated hair that I wash approx. 3x a week. It is generally in good condition partly because I avoid using a hairdryer a lot of the time so I don’t damage my hair, I mostly let it air dry. Using a regular hairdryer it takes about 13 minutes to dry my hair straight from the shower. If I used a regular hair dryer 3x a week my hair would be dry, crispy and frizzy at the ends.

The T3 Featherweight Compact Dryer:Β The compact hairdryer is suitable for people with normal to fine hair. I am assuming that if you have thicker hair then the bigger version will be required.Β There are 2 heat settings plus a cool shot setting. The handle folds over and it stores in a drawstring bag making it great for travel or for when you have limited storage space. It is also dual voltage making it easy to move from country to country if travelling.

Drying time: Straight from the shower it took a maximum of 5 minutes to dry my hair using the T3. From dripping wet to bone dry – 5 minutes! Seriously! It is also fairly quiet to use.

Condition: I dried my hair using the T3 for a full month approx 3x a week. I expected my hair to feel dry and crispy as there was no way I would hair dry my hair this much with my regular hairdryer, but it actually felt soft, smooth and healthy, and still feels like that. I also straightened my hair approx. once a week with no problem. I actually feel that the condition of my hair has improved, if that’s even possible.

Hit or Miss?: HIT!!!!!!! I think the T3 Featherweight Compact Dryer is worth every single penny of the Β£125 price tag! I now need a T3 straightener and curling wand! I don’t know what voodoo this brand uses but I need more of it in my life!

Traci-Ann πŸ™‚


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