Skincare products I head for when my skin is not playing ball!

dry skin
I have combination skin with an oily t-zone, normalish cheeks and a dry under eye area. Most of the time I am pretty much on top of this and I know what works for me and what to avoid.

My skin for the most part plays along and tolerates whatever I put on it and doesn’t cause me too many problems.Β Then there are the other times, the times when it does not play ball. The times when my skin fights back and launches what can only be described as a sniper attack on me…out of nowhere…bam! At these times my t-zone remains oily however my cheeks and under eye area become as dry as the dryest desert, sore to the point of burning and even a tad swollen.Β During these times my makeup sits on top of my face in a mask-like fashion then plummets into all of my lines which are accentuated by the swelling and then congregates around my dry patches. It is not a pretty sight!

So what do I do to fix this? I fight back, that’s what!

dry skin

When my face is hating on me like this I immediately ditch all of my normal skincare products and head straight for this selection of beauty goodness that promises not to irritate my very unhappy skin…

  • Body Shop Camomile Cleansing OilΒ – I use this to remove my makeup and also as a face oil due to its calming soothing properties. My face does not burn when I put this on…result! On a night when I have used it to take my makeup off I dry my face and add a layer of oil to my face leaving it on.
  • Embryolisse Lait-Creme Concentrate – I use this day and night. I apply 2-3 layers of this over the course of the evening over the top of the camomile oil and on a morning I use 1 layer in place of my normal serum, moisturiser and primer combo. It’s a great moisturiser for soothing, smoothing and hydrating and gives a great base for foundation application. The only downside to this is if I use it for too long it starts to break me out.
  • PawPaw Moisturising Balm – this has a consistency very much like Vaseline. I apply this on an evening before bed on the very worst areas which tend to be under my eyes and on the top of my cheeks. It soothes the burning and adds extra hydration to the dryest of areas.
  • Eve Lom Morning Time Cleanser – Instead of using a stripping foaming cleanser in a morning I turn to this to cleanse my face and help wake me up. Whilst my face feels soothed and hydrated after using it, the smell can best be described as stinky!Β As long as I hold my breath or breathe through my mouth it’s fine. πŸ˜‰
  • NSPAΒ Hot Cloth Polish –Β An alternative to the stinky Eve Lom cleanser I use this to clean my face in a morning washing it off with my hands instead of a muslin cloth as that would be too abrasive.

After 1-2 week of using these products on my skin it feels ‘normal’ again and I can start to gradually switch them out for my normal products.

dry skin

Are there any skincare products that you use that combat dryness and sensitivity? I wold love to hear about them in the comments below.

Traci-Ann πŸ™‚

8 thoughts on “Skincare products I head for when my skin is not playing ball!

  1. I swear by balm balm products on the icky days, the non-fragranced one before I go to bed and first thing on a morning. I have extra dry and extra sensitive skin so the only other thing I would reach for is extra virgin olive oil. Works well on my dry skin but I keep it away from my face. Happy Sunday x

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  2. Great shares, Traci-Ann. I know these products are good. However, I have super duper sensitive skin. Petrochemicals would burn or cause itching instantly. I use a (friend’s formulation) bee venom cream, and over that, 100% pure’s super fruit balm, coconut and castor oil. Spray on green tea in the daytime. I’d only dry out on Mars, maybe.

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