The ultimate organisational tool? Discovering the Filofax Clipbook!

Filofax Clipbook Planner Blogging

I love planning and organising and I love notebooks! I have more notebooks than any person could ever want all bought for a specific purpose but more often than not relegated to my ‘beautiful stationary‘ pile to look at loving but never touch.

Before electronic diaries became a thing I used to always use a FilofaxΒ becauseΒ it was so easy to update every year with a new diary, new to do list, new world map (I have 3…why?!) and address sheets. Since those heady stationary-filled days I have move almost all of my organisational tools online and my Filofax has been sitting unloved in my ‘beautiful stationary‘ pile…now who’d ever thought that would happen!

Now I love electronic diaries but sometimes I just don’t want to stare at a screen and I want to be able to write things down, rub them and out and maybe add a few stickers…because who doesn’t like stickers?! I was wandering around Staples a while ago taking in the sights and smells of all the delicious stationary…it’s like walking in paradise…and I happened upon the planner/diary section. Searching for the ultimate easy-to-use planning tool has never been met with much success before as, although I love planning, I don’t want it to be hard work. I think I may have solved that problem with my new find, the Filofax Clipbook. πŸ™‚

Filofax Clipbook Planner Blogging

The cover of the Clipbook is soft and flexible and can be folded right back if you want. I chose a nice bold blue but it’s also available in red, pink, black, purple and lime green.

Filofax Clipbook Planner Blogging

There is loads of room in the spine for a pen and pencil and probably a highlighter too! #stationarygoals

Filofax Clipbook Planner Blogging

I picked up a one-month-to-view calendar from Amazon, which is exactly whatΒ I was looking for! This will be great for helping me to plan uni work and projects and other things that I need to get done.

Filofax Clipbook Planner Blogging

I opted for simple white lined notebook pages…but you can get them in different colours and in plain or gridded styles.

Filofax Clipbook Planner Blogging

One of my fav sections, the To Do list! This is a great way of keeping track of uni, work tasks and general jobs. The satisfaction of ticking them off is immense.

Since I took these photos of my Filofax Clipbook I have added dividers for each section, a pen with different coloured inks and some mini duck-shaped post-it notes that fit in the diary squares perfectly! How do you keep track of your schedule? Let me know in the comments below!

Traci-Ann πŸ™‚


7 thoughts on “The ultimate organisational tool? Discovering the Filofax Clipbook!

      • I quite like the fact that you just need a notebook. Well, not any notebook, as I’m a stationery snib myself but it dies help to organize your thoughts. I used to have a separate book for everything now I just have one (and about five in waiting). I’m not a decorator, my handwriting is awful even though I use a fountain pen but I just love to write things down. The very, very useful tool is a habit tracker. I have two: one for health and the other one for beauty.

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