Look Fantastic Beauty Box September 2016

Look Fantastic Beauty Box September 2016

This month’s Look Fantastic beauty box arrived a couple of weeks ago. I opened it last week and thought I’d try a few things before posting. This box is the #LFBday edition containing 6 premium products worth over £60. So let’s wish Look Fantastic a very happy birthday and take a look inside…

Box Contents: Bare Minerals Marvelous Moxie lipstick in the shade ‘Get Ready (1.5g); Lord & Berry strobing pencil #1153 (sample); Christophe Robin purifying shampoo (75ml); Gatineau Collagen Expert smoothing eye pads (x2 pads); Argan Liquid Gold Multi-Tone BB Cream (10ml); Bliss lemon & sage body butter (30ml).

Look Fantastic beauty box September 2016

The Bare Minerals lipstick claims to be hydrating, pigmented and long-lasting and is £17 for a full-sized lipstick. I’m not sure anything can beat my Urban Decay Vice lippies at the mo (they are £2 cheaper too!)…but I’m willing to give it a go and the neutral pink shade is right up my street!

The Lord & Berry strobing pencil is not available online anywhere so I can’t give you any details about it. It’s a fine pencil with the glow of a highlighter. I have used it as a brow bone highlighter and maybe I could use it as an inner corner highlighter too. It’s quick to apply and the fine pencil point allows for precision. I like it!

The Christophe Robin purifying shampoo is paraben, silicone, sodium lauryl ether sulphate, and oxidant free. At £28 for 250ml it’s a tad pricey for an every-day shampoo. I am just praying that this isn’t the best shampoo in the world ever or I am doomed! 😉 Can’t wait to try it!

The Gatineau eye pads look a bit posh and retail at £36 for 6x sachets (2x pads in each). I’m not hugely convinced by eye pads and sheet masks if I am really honest. I tried these when I was having a bath and tbh they just annoyed me and I felt no benefit from them at all. Save your money with this.

Alas the Argan Liquid Gold BB cream is not for me as my face is way too oily for it, plus it’s too dark for my super pale skin. I will be passing this on to someone who can make use of it. At £70 for 30ml (!!!) I bet one of my friends will be well pleased with this!

The teeny tiny tube of Bliss body butter is neither use nor ornament to me. It did not cover my whole body so really what’s the point?! Yes the smell was nice and it soaked in quickly so I could get dressed, but At £22 for 200ml I think it’s a bit overpriced, especially as the Body Shop body butters are such great value. This one is a miss.

It’s a 50/50 split this month. The lipstick, strobing pencil and shampoo all get my vote so far!

Traci-Ann 🙂

4 thoughts on “Look Fantastic Beauty Box September 2016

  1. Yay you’re back to blogging!
    I think Look Fantastic is just about the only beauty box I haven’t tried – they seem very hit and miss to me each month as to whether I’d like each months, I do like they have a mix of everything though, haircare, skincare and beauty – some boxes always fall focused on one area!
    Sucks that there’s not even enough product in the Bliss sample for one whole use!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hello! Yes I am back! 😊 The LF boxes have been generally good but the past few have been only ok and there’s some repetition as I’ve had the Bliss sample before. 😢 My subscription ends next month and won’t be renewed. What do you think I should go for next?


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