How I keep my makeup brushes clean…

Cleaning my makeup brushes

Today I washed my makeup brushes!!! I had to sit down afterwards with a cuppa! It’s one of my most hated jobs alongside dyeing my hair which, if I am honest, is the worst thing ever. I wash my brushes roughly once a week…but don’t worry that’s not all the TLC they receive.

I tend to wipe them on baby wipes or use a spray brush cleanser on a day-to-day basis to keep the grime and bacteria at bay. Washing brushes is one of my most hated jobs although when I actually get started it doesn’t actually take that long.

Cleaning my makeup brushes

Day-to-day cleaning

  • ALDI baby wipes – I use super cheap ALDI Sensitive Baby Wipes (59p, 64 in a pack) not on my face (as if I’d commit such a cardinal sin!) but to wipe my makeup brushes clean between uses.
  • Spray brush cleanser – I currently have the KIKO Brush Cleanser (Β£5.90, 50ml) which is great! It’s the only specific brush cleaning product that I use. I like that it dries quickly; I’m not sure how good it actually is for my brushes though! It’s great for cleaning dark/bright eyeshadows off brushes between uses.

Weekly cleaning

  • ALDI hand wash! – Yes you read this correctly! No fancy schmancy brush cleansing wash for me. I use this super duper cheap as chips ALDI Clementine & Grapefruit hand wash (89p, 300ml)! It cleans my brushes (plus beauty blender) perfectly and rinses out easily with no residue. The smell is not overpowering at all and it actually makes a good hand wash too!

makeup brush cleaning

Keeping your brushes clean is really important as they are going on your face on a daily basis and have the potential to spread bacteria everywhere. What products do you use to keep your brushes clean? Let me now if there is anything you think I should try.

Traci-Ann πŸ™‚

2 thoughts on “How I keep my makeup brushes clean…

  1. I use the Dr Bonner tea tree soap – I get it from TK Maxx where it’s cheap and the bottle lasts forever cause you only need a drop. (Slopes off red faced to wash own brushes…its been a while) x

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