The Little Waxing Co, Wakefield, West Yorkshire

The Little Waxing co Wakefield, West Yorkshire

Happy new year peeps! To kick off 2017 I though it was time to get myself in order. Not being a fan of the ‘new year, new me’ annual panic, I will forgo the new year resolutions/goal post and instead promise to make more of an effort to share with you what I get up to and make more time to review and recommend excellent products, services and experiences. One such excellent experience I would like to share with you was today at The Little Waxing Co in Wakefield, West Yorkshire.

The Little Waxing Co is part of The Mews Beauty Salon in a tucked-away corner of Wakefield that, to be honest, I never knew existed. It was an advert on instagram that alerted me to its existence and I booked an appointment for the very next day! Now let’s face it, having hair ripped from your ‘intimate parts’ isn’t what anyone would call fun! However Claire, who runs The Little Waxing Co, Β totally puts you at ease and makes the experience as pleasant as it can be. She’s also willing to remove hair from pretty much anywhere you want it removed from…and it’s not just for ladies, all are welcome! It’s amazing what conversations you can have over a bikini wax. We discussed travel, laser hair removal and evolution…cos that’s how we roll! πŸ˜‰

The Little Waxing co Wakefield, West Yorkshire

Now I am not a newbie to intimate waxing so I knew what I was in for. There’s nothing pretty or glamorous about lying on a plinth with your backside in the air and legs akimbo…although it is quite comical! πŸ™‚ Claire definitely puts you at ease and let’s face it, she does this every day and she is incredibly professional. I chose to have a g-string wax (explanation here) which cost Β£20*.Β Due to the type of wax used and Claire’s expert technique, the waxing did not particularly hurt. A couple of times I went ‘oooh!’ however let’s remember folks just where this hair is being removed from! My skin was a little pink for an hour or two after the wax but then it settled down with no irritation. In total it took about 25 minutes (including undressing/dressing and an explanation of what would happen).

Now that I have found Claire I don’t need to look anywhere else and will be recommending her to all my friends. I will be back in around 5-6 weeks’ time for another wax! Check out The Little Waxing Co’s facebook page for more info and to book an appointment.

Traci-Ann πŸ™‚

*I paid for this service myself


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