LUSH Mini Haul

LUSH mini haul

I have been keeping a bit of a tight rein on the purse strings of late however when I ran out of my favourite LUSH hand & body lotion I couldn’t resist a little shopping trip to grab another tub. While I was there a couple of other things accidentally (*whoops*) fell into my basket, so let’s have a quick peek at what I bought…

New Charity Pot hand & body lotion (link here)- This stuff is amazing! I use it on my hands and feet daily. I wash my hands what feels like a hundred times a day at work which takes its toll, however this amazing stuff fixes any dryness or tightness. I keep a little pot at work and the giant tub by my bed so I can drown myself in it every night.

Lip Service lip balm (link here)- Another awesome product that is on my bedside table. This is one of my favourite lip balms. Being made from more natural ingredients it has a slightly rough/crumbly texture which disappears once you rub it into your lips. It fixes any dry patches or general soreness. I slap it on before bed and still have lovely soft hydrated lips in the morning.

Brightside Bubble Bar (link here– I break a chunk off for each bath and crumble it into the water. I think I will probably get about 6-8 baths from this bar although if you want to have a truly bubble-tastic time you could just quarter it and go crazy!

Cosmetic Warrior fresh face mask (link here) – I have never tried this one before. The combination of tea tree and garlic promises to fight blemishes leaving the face soft & moisturised. The fresh face masks need to be kept in the fridge and have a relatively short shelf life. It is still in the fridge as I type…I think it’s time I cracked it open!

LUSH mini haul

I have no plans until later this evening so I think it’s now bubble bath and face mask time for me! I hope you are having a lovely Easter weekend.

Traci-Ann 🙂


7 thoughts on “LUSH Mini Haul

  1. I have yet to try out more things from LUSH other than their skincare but I have tried their lip balm earlier this year and it’s my favourite ever! I have the Honey one and although it’s kinda pricey, really can’t fault it. Plus only need the tiniest amount!

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